About the Conference

About the Conference

The ever-increasing demands for enhanced mobile broadband with high data rates, the new traffic types, and emerging data services are the pressing factors for the advent of 5th generation (5G) and beyond technologies. The theme of CSICC 2020 is 5G networks and beyond: enabling technologies and applications. To this end, we do encourage researchers in the field of 5G network technologies and applications to submit their manuscripts to CSICC 2020. Submissions of original manuscripts in other fields of computer science and engineering are also most welcomed. The titles of the proposed conference tracks are as follows:

You can also download the PDF format of the CSICC 2020 call for paper Download CFP.

Conference Tracks
Technical Program Chair: Professor Mohsen Sharifi, Iran University of Science and Technology
Track 1. Future Networks Track Chair: Dr. Morteza Analoui, Iran University of Science and Technology
Track 2. Data Science Track Chair: Professor Mohsen Kahani, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad
Track 3. Computer Security Track Chair: Dr. Mohammad Abdollahi Azgomi, Iran University of Science and Technology
Track 4. Computer Gaming Track Chair: Dr. Hadi Moradi, University of Tehran
Track 5. Distributed Computing Track Chair: Dr. Ahmad Khonsari, University of Tehran
Track 6. Software Engineering Track Chair: Professor Ahmad Abdollahzadeh Barforoush, Amirkabir University of Technology
Track 7. Computing Track Chair: Professor Ali Movagher Rahimabadi, Sharif University of Technology
Track 8. Artificial Intelligence Track Chair: Dr. Adel Torkaman Rahmani, Iran University of Science and Technology
Track 9. Signal Processing Track Chair: Dr. Mohsen Soryani, Iran University of Science and Technology
Track 10. Cognitive Systems Track Chair: Dr. Mohammad Reza Kangavari, Iran University of Science and Technology
Track 11. Computer Architecture and Digital Systems Track Chair: Dr. Shahin Hessabi, Sharif University of Technology

You can view the details for each track below:

  • Next Generation Networks

  • 5G Core Network Technologies

  • 5G Cloud-native Applications

  • Programmability in 5G Core Network

  • Business Transformations in 5G Era

  • 5G Internet

  • 5G Air Interface and User Devices

  • 5G Performance Requirements

  • Iran’s 5G Time-line

  • Software Defined Networks

  • Big Data

  • Data Analytics

  • Business Intelligence

  • Text Mining

  • Graph Mining

  • Process Mining

  • Security Algorithms

  • Security Protocols

  • Security Analysis

  • Computer Security

  • Network Security

  • Data Security

  • Software Security

  • Cloud Security

  • Cyber Security

  • Privacy Preservation

  • Trust Models

  • Game Development

  • Gamification

  • Cloud Gaming

  • Human Machine Interfacing

  • Visualization and Rendering

  • Deep Faking

  • Simulation and Serious Games

  • Computer Game AI

  • Wearable Technologies

  • Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality (VR, AR, MR)

  • Online Games Programming Models

  • Computer Game Optimization

  • Decision Making, Strategy and Navigation

  • Cloud Computing

  • Grid Computing

  • High Performance Computing

  • Social Networks

  • Internet of Things

  • Real-Time Processing

  • Parallel Processing

  • Blockchain Technology

  • Frameworks, Methodologies and Architectures

  • Platforms, Tools and Languages

  • Rigors and Formalisms

  • Reverse Engineering

  • Enterprise Architecture

  • Software Testing

  • Software Refactoring

  • Performance Evaluation

  • Ontology Design

  • Requirements Engineering

  • Software Quality

  • Large Scale Software System Engineering

  • Intelligent User Interface

  • Intelligent Software System Engineering

  • Algorithms and Data Structures

  • Computational Theory

  • Modelling and Simulation

  • Model Checking and Verification

  • Computational Geometry

  • Graph Theory

  • Formal Methods

  • Logics

  • Quantum Computing

  • Machine Learning

  • Deep Learning

  • Soft Computing

  • Multi-Agent Systems

  • Industrial Intelligent Systems

  • Robotics

  • Natural Language Processing

  • Bio Informatics and Genomics

  • Image and Video Processing

  • Speech and Audio Processing

  • Speech Synthesis & Recognition

  • Intelligent Signal Processing

  • Biomedical Signal Processing

  • Medical Imaging

  • Remote Sensing

  • Radar and Sonar Signal Processing

  • Stochastic Signal Processing

  • Time Series Forecasting

  • Watermarking and Steganography

  • Computer Vision

  • Pattern Recognition

  • Cognitive Informatics

  • Cognitive Interface

  • Cognitive Agents

  • Computational Cognitive Models

  • Affective Computing

  • Embedded and Cyber-Physical systems

  • IoT Enabling Technologies

  • Parallel Processing and Multiprocessor Systems

  • Emerging Computer Architecture

  • Low Power and Energy Efficient Architectures

  • Test, Verification, Reliability, and Security of Digital Systems

  • Reconfigurable and FPGA-based Systems

  • Logic Synthesis and Electronic Design Automation

  • Hardware Support for Deep Learning Algorithms

  • Emerging Non-Volatile Memories and Solid-State Drives